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Dublin, a city in Ohio with the sassy motto of “Irish is an attitude”, is one of the state’s fast-rising stars in tourism and business. After all, it is the main home of big companies like Cardinal Health and Wendy’s as well as host to exciting events like the Dublin Irish Festival and the 4th of July music event!

So, if you are searching for car rentals, Dublin has many of these specialized companies in the automobile industry. And you will not have a problem using your rented vehicle as Dublin is mainly accessed by car, with U.S. Highway 33, Interstate 270, State Route 161, and State Route 745 passing through it.

When to Rent a Car

Your decision to rent a car in Dublin must be made depending on many factors. First, you must determine whether it is the peak or the low season in tourism and business. Expectedly, peak seasons will occur on events like the Dublin Irish Festival that attracts over 93,000 visitors, zanzibarcarrental hence swelling the city population of just over 36,000. As such, it is a very good idea to look for establishments offering car rentals, Dublin companies of which are known to be one of the most flexible in their terms and conditions, as early as 2 weeks before entering the city. This way, you can avoid the hassles of running out of available cars.

Second, you have to assess your budget as well as comfort and convenience levels. If you are coming with family in tow, then a van will be a better idea than a sedan. Never mind that you will often pay a bigger amount for a bigger car because the benefits will far outweigh the costs in the end.

Just remember that when looking through car rentals, Dublin residents can often point you to the one that offers the best deals. This is still a relatively small city with friendly people, after all!

Where to Rent a Car

You have two choices in the matter. First, you can scour the Internet for companies located in Dublin or companies that allow for drop-off/pick-up in the city. This is often the best method to do comparison shopping in an easier and faster manner – just point and click. Second, you can rent the automobile of your choice in the rental company’s car lot. You will appreciate the benefit of actual car inspection although you might also take more time than necessary had you reserved online.

No matter where you make your car rentals, Dublin’s wizened travellers will caution you on the traps to be avoided lest you find yourself with a lemon, so to speak. These traps include:

* Limiting your search to just two sites or just two stores. You will often find better deals when you have many companies to compare with.

* Excluding taxes and other add-ons into the calculation of the total cost. You must ensure that the total cost proposed includes taxes and extras (Think late penalties and fuel charges, to name two).

* Avoiding the issue of insurance. You must ask your insurance company and credit card company for specifics on insurance in case of accidents and fortuitous events damaging the rental car.


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