Dreams Are a Type of Psychic Test

Are you paying attention to your dreams? Do you pass the psychic test?

Dreams are the language of the soul. When we go to sleep, cheaterblox we automatically release our conscious mind and the day’s events to the subconscious part of our minds. We delve into the psychic world and let the subconscious do it’s duty, which is to assist us in learning more about ourselves as well as allowing the creativity to take substance and manifest goals into our waking world.

Our dreams come to us in the form of pictures, likened to a movie. Every person, place or things represents a quality or aspect of our self. These aspects nadiya are represented with symbolic meaning. When one understands these symbols, one can more easily understand and accept what has just been presented.

Many people will wake from a dream and think how horrible that dream was and wonder what that could possibly mean, when in fact is a not horrible and it does in deed have significant meaning.

For example, a woman had a dream of her having sex with a male friend. She felt as if she was fornicating and was overridden with guilt and shame. I explained to her that this male represented an aspect of her own subconscious mind and that having sex was symbolic of creative energy. So this was a reflection of her own creative thoughts in the past few days. This explanation gave her relief from what might have continued to trouble her.

In another dream, snake bite dream meaning a woman was in a room with a female nurse. Also in the room was a large white snake. The woman was to allow the snake to bite into her right arm in order to remove toxins. The woman held onto the snake as he removed the toxins. She remembered thinking of her fears but that she was willing to go through with the procedure. The snake then switched to her left arm. The nurse commented that apparently the woman needed to have this removal of toxins in both arms.

Snakes are symbolic with kundulini energy, which with psychic direction can have healing and/or creative effects. The nurse was an aspect of this person’s conscious mind, one with intentions for healing.

This woman said that she had taken a salt bath the night of the dream with these very intentions of removing toxins. She also had been in a phase in her life whereby she was creating news pathways.
She was utilizing her healing as well as creative energies both consciously and subconsciously.

There are many ways to obtain psychic readings, mbappe vriendin if you will. Sometime we may go to outside sources to achieve some answers to the questions about our life’s journey. These ways can be very helpful. Dreams are an “up close and personal” way to psychically guide us through our lives. We just have to be willing to open to the communication.


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