How to Install Your Own Kitchen – Part 6 – Installing Kitchen Appliances

Installing Kitchen Appliances

If installing a kitchen was like building a car then it’s time to fit the engine, in this case the appliances. Kitchens, like cars, coffee tables depend upon the quality of the appliances to give a more efficient performance. There is a wide range of appliances now available and they can range from Reliant Robin to Rolls Royce in their comparative looks and performance. The current trend is for aluminum or stainless steel finishes and due to their popularity they are more expensive.

Some appliances are fitter friendly, others not. Some manufacturers offer a good service back up if things go wrong, others don’t and some may last for years others, Parguruan tinggi months. After 23 years of installing appliances, I have formed an experienced opinion on what’s hot and what’s not in the kitchen. Anyone wishing to hear of my views before buying a particular make can register and post a query in our forum and I will offer an honest opinion on your choice.

Anyway, every car needs a parking space so in this article I’ll attempt to show you how to install your appliances with the minimum of fuss.

Tools required:
Spirit level
Hand tools. Screwdrivers both pozidrive and slotted heads of varying sizes, pliers and grips.
Cordless drill/driver Masonry, screwdriver, and steel drill bits of various widths.
Plumbing tools.
Patience, understanding and the ability to deflect criticism successfully.
Freestanding Washing Machines/Dishwashers.
The majority of washing machines are 595mm wide and the important thing to remember is that freestanding machines are normally between 840mm and 860mm high. Important because when installing your kitchen units at the standard height of 870mm, this can leave very little tolerance for fitting when flooring has been added. A 600mm, or 450mm, in the case of slim-line dishwashers, space is sufficient and will ensure a more fully fitted look.

For correct fitting of a washing machine, all plumbing services should be fitted in an adjacent cupboard to prevent the machine protruding from the worktop. A washing machine waste of 40mm diameter can be fitted within the void of an adjacent cupboard and again this will prevent the machine protruding from the worktop.

If fitted next to a sink unit, the waste from the appliance may be incorporated with that of the sink. However should the washing machine and dishwasher be sited either side of the sink, tiernahrung-friebe I recommend that you install a separate waste pipe. Three appliances entering one waste pipe will render the waste extremely prone to blockages.

Electrical services should also be fitted in an adjoining unit and appropriate sized holes for hoses and plugs must be drilled through the back or base of the cupboard. This can be achieved with an appropriately sized hole saw.

Flooring for all freestanding appliances should be installed prior to final fitting. After completing the above, slide the washing machine into place and make necessary adjustments to the feet for leveling purposes.

Built under freestanding fridges/freezers. Dank carts
Installation of built under fridges/freezers is carried out much the same as above yet they vary in widths. Adding 5mm to the width of the appliance will leave sufficient space for fitting.

Freestanding machines may be fully integrated by the use of a deeper worktop and by increasing the width of the space and doors that will house them.
Before explaining the installation of cookers and hobs, I must stress that to work on any gas appliance, a person must be competent to do so.

Built in Ovens/Microwaves.
Whether the oven is a single or double oven ensure the cabinet aperture is the correct size for the appliance as heights can vary. Check the electrical rating of the appliance and fit the appropriate sized outlet, again avoiding the space directly behind the appliance. Once you’ve fed the appliance flex to the outlet, this may be in adjacent cupboard or in the case of a double oven, in the cupboard above, slide in the appliance and screw to the cabinet gables with the screws provided.


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