South Africa 2010, Lessons From Spain’s Victory

It is no more news that Spain is now the current World Champion. They have taken over from Italy who won the 2006 edition at Germany which was tagged Germany y-ic 2006. Spain is now the champion for the next 4 years until this position which they now occupy will be challenged in Brazil 2014. South Africa 2010 has come and it is now history. Notwithstanding, there are some lessons to learn from the victory of Spain at the just concluded world cup.

First of all, wearethepeople Spain learnt from their previous defeats both at the confederations cup and their opening game at South Africa 2010. They lost against USA by 2 goals to 0. They even struggled to defeat South Africa to claim the 3rd position. Again if you can remember,  they lost their first game against Switzerland which was their opening at the just concluded world. Of course some journalists and newscasters when they reported this described it as a shaky start to Spaniards world cup campaign. It will be recalled that they played so well but were unlucky to suffer defeat. The defeat was respectable though in that they lost 0-1 to Switzerland. But this defeat did not have an adverse effect on the Spaniards. It only woke them up from their slumber. Instead of the defeat making them to become jittery, they only grew in confidence. They learnt from their mistake which proved to be really invaluable to make them victorious at the world cup.

In learning from their mistake, they did not completely change their pattern of play. They only modified it to make it more effective. I think the thing they worked hard on was their marking. This was more noticeable in their games against Paraguay, Germany and Netherlands respectively. Yes in all the games they played they made sure that they had a high percentage of ball possession. But they did not forget that whenever they lose the possession of the ball they had to defend and also device a means to legally win it back. This they did and the result paid off. The major lesson is this Spain learnt from their mistakes.


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